Termite Control

Termite Elimination, Naturally!

Withut Being Toxic to Humans or Animals


Subterranean Termite Baiting System

Their colony is in the ground and they eat dead wood. Maybe a dead tree branch, or dead wood in the wall of your house. They eat the cellulose in the wood and turn it into sugar, which is their diet. From the ground the little white worker termites bring up water and dirt forming those small tubes on the slab of your house. They eat with the grain of the wood and line the galleries with dirt and water, keeping the whole colony encapsulated to keep it humid and the temperature 70-72 degrees, so they won't dehydrate and die. After filling up with the cellulose, they take it down into the ground, processing it into sugar, and then feeding the rest of the colony. We treat the entire structure which kills the termites in the wood and also the whole colony in the ground.


Drywood Termite Natural Elimination

These are termites that live in the wood and not the ground. Their whole colony is in the wood structure. There is no dirt associated with the drywood termites. You may see small pellets(fecal material), or an area of the wood where they have eaten across the grain of the wood. Small pin holes may also be seen in the wood. Our Natural Whole House treatment will kill the termites and the colony. The added benefit of this treatment is that it will kill all wood destroying insects in the structural with one treatment.


Carpenter Ant Natural Elimination

These are large ants the chew into the wood, but don't eat the wood. They make galleries in the wood, which can be damaging to the structure. They are a wood destroying ant. Our Natural Treatment will eliminate them from the structure.


A Note About Termites

Most of the time when you find termites it is because they have swarmed. This is when you may see a large number of insects flying, inside or outside. Ninety percent of the time this is how we first find termites active in a structure. Most of the time they may be in a house, but we can't see any evidence of activity. Whether you have had your house treated or not, have it check each year.